Fish tales or the one that got away.

I’ll bet you’ve never heard this tall tale before. Don went fishing a couple of weeks ago and caught a couple of GRUNTS. If you’re unfamiliar with fishing rules here in the Keys, you are only allowed to keep fish of a certain length, except for the Grunt, you can keep all you want of them. Don caught two of them and since he had to throw everything else back because they were too small,  he kept his two grunts. By the way they are called grunts because if you gently squeeze them they grunt. So Don comes back to our campground and starts to clean them at the fish cleaning station where 20 or so pelicans sit and wait for bits and pieces to be thrown their way. He gets the fish gutted and turns on the hose to wash them off, not realizing the power of the hose. You know where this is going don’t you? Exactly!! Right into the open mouth of a pelican. Grunts don’t have a lot of meat on them so his two fish turned into 1 and was barely enough to fill a thimble. The pelicans love Don now and when they see him coming they giggle and say “here comes the guy who filets our fish for us”. LOL

Grunt Fish



There was a wonderful Valentine Party here at the campground that was planned by a few of the folks staying here at the campground. It’s a charity event and this year’s charity was the ASPCA in the Keys. 70 gifts were donated by local businesses and folks staying at the campground. Tickets are sold and then prizes raffled off raising more than $3,000.00 for the charity. It was a fun night with lots of merriment, great spaghetti dinner and wonderful prizes.


02-14-2018Valentine party at JR (14 of 52)
Donated coconut fish


02-14-2018Valentine party at JR (48 of 52)
Tom and Dee Hopper and Don
02-14-2018Valentine party at JR (24 of 52)
You know who…
02-14-2018Valentine party at JR (21 of 52)
Tom and Dee from New Hampshire
02-14-2018Valentine party at JR (20 of 52)
LauraJean playing cello at Valentines Party



We also got to go on a sunset cruise on a wonderful catamaran with about 22 other campers. Captain Dale was awesome and because it was so windy just stayed in the harbor where we got to see the other side of Irma’s destructive force. Many boats were affected and some businesses destroyed along with many homes. It was a beautiful evening with a lovely sunset. We all went to dinner afterward and had a jolly evening. Thank you Dee for arranging a great evening.


2-2018 sunset cruise marathon (2 of 27)
LauraJean and Al  from Ontario



2-2018 sunset cruise marathon (8 of 27)
Dee doing her best Titanic rendition
2-2018 sunset cruise marathon (13 of 27)
Captain Dale and Don
2-2018 sunset cruise marathon (25 of 27)
Ahhhh Sunset in the Keys

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here almost a month. We’ve seen such an amazing clean-up effort by folks in the Keys, including many campers. Don and I participated in one of the clean-up days yesterday and it was eye opening. The amount of detritus that has been along the highways or in the mangroves is incredible. Piles and piles of debris have been hauled away. Just since we’ve been here we’ve seen so much cleaned up but there are some areas that have yet to be cleaned. The campground has been fabulous arranging the clean up effort by providing trash bags and handing out water to volunteers.



One thought on “Fish tales or the one that got away.

  1. Doing a great job of keeping us posted on your activities Deb and Don. You must be loving the weather down there. Keep on having fun you two…We love youse’ guys!


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