I’ve seen it all.

After a fabulous stopover in North Carolina to visit with my family we headed on south to St. Augustine for a one nighter and then Disney for 3 nights. Disney was great and had a few new rides since we were there last. One of which was Expedition Everest (a roller coaster) which Don vowed never to go on again. Avatar, which we ended up not going on because the line was 2.5 hours long and Na’vi River ride, which was supposed to take 75 minutes but really took 2.5 hours, LOL. Mind you these rides are only 5 minutes long. Just imagine if you will, Don standing in line for 2.5 hours for a 5 minute ride. He held his tongue and luckily we met some very nice folks from, you guessed it, Canada, that made the wait tolerable.

From Disney we headed to the Keys, arriving on February 1st to delightful weather and a campsite that we didn’t like. Leave it to us to unhook first and then decide we didn’t like it. Off to the office to see if we can be moved and sure enough they had a recent cancellation and we moved to a great site. We unhook and get all set up only to discover that we are a little off kilter, ( I know what you’re thinking – that we are already off kilter) tilting more to one side than the other. So what did we do?, we lived with it till after the Super Bowl of course. Speaking of which we spent in Key West with like minded fans. It was a hard fought game but the team that played the best won. We spent the night in Key West on Duval St., listening to roosters crowing all night and revelers having way too much fun.

So why the headline, I’ve seen it all? Have you ever in your travels met a couple traveling with their pet duck. That’s right Travis the duck. I’ve seen it all. Travis has an outside area with a pool and a mirror so he doesn’t get lonely. He sits on his owners lap while driving and when I asked if Travis lets them know when he has to poop, they said no. Hahaha, so now I feel like I have a good shot at getting a goat and traveling with it. Mmmm, not so much says Don. This is Travis below and he is a cutie.

travis (3 of 3)

We went on an excursion yesterday to Pigeon Key, which is a great little key that was used by Henry Morrison Flagler to house workers that were building the rail line from Miami to Key West. It was an engineering marvel of its day with part of the line going over 7 miles of open water. The Florida Overseas Railroad was started in 1905 and completed in 1912, a year before Flagler died. Sadly the railroad operated only until 1935 when it was destroyed by the Labor Day Hurricane. After it was destroyed the US Govt. bought it and refurbished it for auto travel. Dismantled trackage was recycled and used as guardrails for the new roadway. After further damage the bridge was finally abandoned and construction began in 1978 on a new bridge and completed in 1982.

Below are some pics of the new and old bridge. Old bridge to the right.


pigeon key 2-2018 (5 of 9)

pigeon key 2-2018 (7 of 9)

pigeon key 2-2018 (4 of 9)

pigeon key 2-2018 (6 of 9)

And finally a pic of Don and I heading away from Pigeon Key. And yes I am a happy camper. And so is Don!!!

pigeon key 2-2018 (8 of 9)

I have to say a few words about the destruction in the keys. Below is one of the houses destroyed by the hurricane. It is only one image of many that we’ve seen so far. There are destroyed homes, boats, campers and businesses. A lot of vegetation was stripped away and may or may not be strong enough to come back. The resilience and generosity of the folks here is amazing with people coming together to clean up and provide necessities for those left with nothing. There is still a lot left to do as the clean-up is massive but there are volunteers who are working tirelessly to make it happen. Note the iguana on the beam.

pigeon key 2-2018 (1 of 9)

But I will close with a beauty from the dock at our campground. We are happy to be alive and feel blessed to be able to see this incredible site at the end of the day. Love to all, Deb

pigeon key 2-2018 (1 of 1)


10 thoughts on “I’ve seen it all.

  1. Great pics Deb, as usual. Glad you and my cousin are having fun. Meanwhile in Nova Scotia…..it’s -5C. That said, it was a beautiful sunny day.


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