On The Road Again

Well almost on the road again. We have a couple of days before we leave, gotta watch the Patriots on Sunday to see how Brady and his finger hold up and I have to learn how to use this darned app. Thank you Jess for your patience during blog training.

But first let’s talk about who I’m going to be traveling with this year. You may know him as Don but he also goes by The Goonie Bird and he’s on a special mission this year. Don or as I’ll refer to him as GB won a very coveted award this year – the Mark Buben-Tostitos NDFL Championship Trophy. What, you may ask is that. It’s a very prestigious trophy awarded to the winner of The NDFL Fantasy Football League, a group of 12 or so folks who work at National Development, the company GB used to work for. They are a committed lot who spend their waking hours talking, walking, eating and worrying over their fantasy team. The stress is palpable and I for one am glad it’s over.  You might think that once the trophy is awarded that would be the end till next year. But you’d be so wrong. The winner must take said trophy with him as he travels around the world and take pictures with it in a variety of locales. IN A KILT. That’s right, that’s what I said, a kilt. GB has decided that going forward his team will be known as Commando Kilts. I will have to now call him CK or in military speak “Charley Kilo”. I (gulp) look forward to capturing the kilted CK and hope we do not get arrested.

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